What Do People Talk About?

Lots of different things- if something is important to you or making you unhappy, it can be looked at in counselling.

Here are some examples of the things people talk about;

  • Depression & low mood   
  • Anxiety   
  • Abuse (emotional/physical/sexual)  
  • Domestic violence   
  • Bereavement   
  • Anger issues
  • Low self-esteem   
  • Relationship difficulties or breakdowns   
  • Stress   
  • Self-harm   
  • Feelings of loneliness, guilt or shame

How can counselling help me?

You might feel better just by telling someone what’s been bothering you and feeling that you have been listened to and understood.

It can be helpful to talk to someone other than a friend or family member as you can be really honest and don’t have to put a brave face on things.

You might want to change something in your life- sort out a problem or make a decision- and the counsellor can work with you to find ways of doing this without telling you what to do.